The Hyperbaric Aware Journey

Hyperbaric Awareness USA™, an initiative of CūtisCare, aims to promote the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which in turn help prolong lives, avoid amputations, reduce cost of care, and improve overall quality of life. Due largely in part from a lack of awareness, there’s a largely underserved population who could benefit from hyperbaric medicine and it is our mission to make this life changing treatment more accessible in our communities.

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Our History

CūtisCare, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, partners with hospitals, academic medical centers, hospital systems, and physicians to design customized outpatient wound care and hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) solutions. With more than 25 years of management experience, a commitment to research, and driven by ethics and a culture of compliance, CūtisCare collaborates with its partners to reach and heal people with chronic wounds. It is through these partnerships that we realize how much work exists to bring awareness to HBOT and the value offering this treatment can bring to a hospital or practice. In 2021 we got to work and created and simultaneously launched the first ever National Hyperbaric Awareness Month. Using grassroots initiatives we partnered with a variety of state and local governments to help bring this dream to light and continue to grow our flagship campaign each year.

Our Partners

We’re grateful to the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), Perry Baromedical, Intellicure, and our partner wound healing clinics across the country for sharing their insight with our readers and for helping to promote this effort. We wouldn’t be able to provide the level of research and support that we do without our many contributing specialists and board members - it is with teams like ours that anything is possible.