Effective date of Notice: March 31, 2016

CūtisCare™ provides management and administrative services and data aggregation to hospital wound care outpatient clinics. In connection with its obligations to hospitals and their patients, CūtisCare™ will receive personal health information from patients, hospitals and others who provide health care services. As a business associate of its hospital clients, CūtisCare™ is subject to certain provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 (“HITECH”). This Notice, which applies only to the extent required by law, informs the patients of our hospital clients of how we receive, use and disclose their information and is provided in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH. Patients should check with the hospital that provides services to them regarding any hospital-specific policies and notices.

This Notice applies to “protected health information” (“PHI”), defined as information we obtain that is used to make care-related decisions and is in a form that would allow a third party to identify you and the status of your health. CūtisCare™ may share PHI with its staff and others who work for CūtisCare™, each of whom has agreed to comply with its terms. CūtisCare™ and its personnel are required to comply with federal and state laws regarding the use and disclosure of PHI, as well as the terms of our contracts with hospitals to maintain the privacy of patients’ PHI.

In accordance with applicable laws and its contracts with hospitals, CūtisCare™ may use, or disclose, a patient’s PHI as needed for purposes related to treatment, payment and health care operations. We may also disclose a patient’s PHI when required to do so by law, including reporting to government agencies and under court order or administrative process. There are a number of other circumstances under which CūtisCare™ may disclose a patient’s PHI, all of which are authorized by law and contract. Other than these circumstances, CūtisCare™ will not use or disclose a patient’s PHI without the patient’s written authorization.

Patients have a number of rights regarding the use and disclosure of their PHI, including cancellation of any written authorization, requesting restrictions under certain circumstances, requesting communication in confidence, receiving a copy of their PHI, requesting that PHI be amended to correct an error, and the right to receive written notice of any breach related to a patient’s PHI.

CūtisCare™ may change its privacy practices, as provided in this Notice, at any time. The changes will apply to PHI in CūtisCare’s™ possession at the time of the change as well as PHI received in the future. CūtisCare™ will post a new Notice of any such changes.

For more information about CūtisCare’s™ privacy practices or to exercise any rights detailed in this Notice, please contact: name and title, address, phone. Also include the compliance phone number.