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More than 8.2 million Americans will experience a non‑healing wound in their lifetime.

However, there is hope for patients suffering from diabetes, soft tissue radionecrosis, osteoradionecrosis, compromised skin grafts/skin flaps, acute peripheral arterial insufficiency, actinomycosis, necrotizing fasciitis, acute traumatic peripheral ischemia, various cancers and more - can find relief with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Treatments are non-invasive and can be administered in a matter of hours, by breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. By breathing in pressurized oxygen the patients blood is able to carry more oxygen to a wound site and help to expedite the healing process. Additionally, we are seeing a decrease in amputation rates for patients using hyperbarics to treat ulcers of the lower extremities.


We would like to thank the following cities and states for their participation in declaring May Hyperbaric Aware month.


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“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be such a game changer for those of us in the cancer community who have or will undergo radiation! Empower yourself by knowing your options and learning more about this highly effective intervention for wound healing!”

Mindy Miller

Breast Cancer Survivor

“I had brachytherapy for the prostate in October 2020 & within six months started having intermittent hematuria, secondary to radiation cystitis...by the third week [of HBOT], my hematuria stopped and has not returned. The radiation proctitis that had caused issues with my lower colon, resolved completely! I only wished my doctors had told me about this treatment years ago"

John Boardman

Prostate Cancer Survivor

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Learn more about the incredible facilities around the country that provide Hyperbaric Wound Care Management.

Hyperbaric Medicine Centers of Excellence specialize in treating a variety of complex wounds. Learn more about the process and benefits of HBO‑Therapy.

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Expert voices in the field of hyperbaric medicine share insight, research, and best practices. Scroll through to meet our specialists and read their work.

Melissa Mueller, MD
Melissa Mueller, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine

Juan O Bravo MD CWSP UHM
Juan O Bravo MD CWSP UHM

CutisCare Medical Advisory Board and Chairman

Alfred E. Baylor, III, MD, FACS
Alfred E. Baylor, III, MD, FACS

Director, Hyperbaric Medicine

Mary Pat Finn
Mary Pat Finn

President & COO Perry Baromedical

Davut Savaser, MD, MPH, FAAEM, FACEP
Davut Savaser, MD, MPH, FAAEM, FACEP

Legacy Emanuel Hyperbaric Department; Portland, Oregon

Dr. Enoch Huang

Legacy Emanuel Wound and Hyperbaric Center Portland, Oregon

Caroline E. Fife, MD, FUHM

CMO Intellicure, Inc.

Louis Pilati MD
Louis Pilati MD

Medical Director

Dr. Shishir V. Shah
Dr. Shishir V. Shah

Consulting Doctor

Munier M.S. Nazzal
Munier M.S. Nazzal

Consulting Doctor